Guidance after On-site Training (3): Guide on LMO animal transportation and transport box.

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2023.11.15 (수)

We inform you of the transport box and transportation of LMO animals.


if an animal is moved from the animal rooms in the Stem Cell Building to another building, a Transport box for LMO animals must be prepared.

When you transport an animal to the lab, a transport box must be used to prevent the animal’s escape.

Transport Box Specifications:

1. **Secure Lid:** The lid should resist easy opening or closing due to external shock.

2. **Unmodifiable Walls:** The walls of the box should remain intact and unmodified.

3. **Ventilation Hole:** Ensure there’s a ventilation hole for the animals to breathe.

4. **Prevent Escape:** The ventilation hole size should prevent mice from escaping.

Disinfection Protocol: – **Bio-Spot Disinfection:** Disinfect it using room 108 and Repeat this process once a week.

– Attachments to transport box

① The label “Living Modified Organism” must be affixed. (Sticker supplied by Safety Team)

② It is recommended to indicate that the LMO is for transporting laboratory animals. (Prepare to attach actual name: each laboratory)

※ Notes on purchasing a transport box

※ The Bioefficacy Verification Laboratory will send you a link to the box you purchased to use as your own transport box. Please keep this in mind when purchasing an animal transport box. (However, if there is a box that meets the above conditions, you do not need to purchase it.)

◆ Naver ‘Adi Pet Shop’

◆  햄스터용품 > 집-이동장-개조 > 리빙박스 하우스 (single item)

– Hamster House Living Box Hamster Cage 45L Standard Type

– Hamster House Living Box Hamster Cage 58L Standard Type

* The 52, 68, and 72L box types have insufficient lid closure.

* High-end products with side modifications are not suitable as animal carriers.