UNIST Radiation Safety Lab

  • The URSL is founded upon safe and integrated management of radioactive materials and radiation emitting devices, and all activities of the URSL based on radiation safety laws and safety regulations of UNIST. The purpose of Radiation Safety Control is to Efficiency and safety control the radioactive material by prescribing matters concerning purchase, handles, storage and disposal of radioisotope, etc. and Supports the radiation research which is smooth and under contributing boil in university development. We are trying at best to achieve effective and safe radiation usage. Thank you.
    • Management of radioactive source
      • purchase, handles, storage and disposal of radioisotope, etc.
    • Management of radiation worker
      • radiation worker registration and education
      • control of exposure, personal dosimeter
      • medical check up
    • Management of radioactive waste
      • sort, cleanse, storage, disuse of radioactive waste
    • Management of radioactive facilities
      • establishment of radiation control area
      • access control at facilities
      • measurement of radiation dose and radioactive contamination
    • Management of radioactive equipment
      • calibration of radiation safety control equipment
    • Administration business for radiation
      • other business related to the safety control of radiation and prevent of radiation hazard
    • Status of the use of radioisotopes, etc.

      Unsealed Source(Permit)
      Unsealed Source(Permit)
      Type Quantity Location Use
      1 C-14 55.5MBq Natural Science Bldg B105 Biochemical marker
      2 I-125 18.5 MBq
      3 P-32 1,295 MBq
      4 S-35 370 MBq
    • Sealed Source(Permit)
      Sealed Source(Permit)
      Type Quantity Model Location Use
      1 Cs-137 32.9 TBq Gamma Irradiator UCRF Blood Irradiator
      2 Co-60 37 MBq N/A Engineering building2 ETC
      3 Ni-63 555 MBq Agilent 7890A UCRF GC-ECD
      4 Ni-63 555 MBq Agilent 7890A Engineering building1 GC-ECD
      5 Am-241 3.7 MBq 18.5 MBq Grimm Neutralizer Engineering building1 Static eliminator
    • Radiation generating device(Notify)
      Radiation generating device(Notify)
      Model Manufacture Capacity Location Use
      1 D/MAX 2500V/PC Rigaku 60kVp / 300 mA UCRF X-ray diffraction analysis
      2 D8 Advance Bruker 60kVp / 80 mA UCRF
      3 S8 Tiger Bruker 60kVp / 170 mA UCRF
      4 R-AXIS RAPID II Rigaku 60kVp / 60 mA UCRF
      5 D/MAX 2200 Rigaku 60kVp / 60 mA Natural building
      6 D8 Advance Bruker 60kVp / 60 mA UCRF
      7 X’PERT Pro PANalytica I B.V 60kVp / 60 mA Engineering building1
      8 SkyScan1176 Bruker 90kVp / 0.275mA UCRF animal irradiator