UNIST Central Research Facilities

UNIST Central Research Facilities (UCRF) was established in 2009 for the purpose of enhancing the research abilities of UNIST through the sharing of expensive equipment, the promoting of interdisciplinary studies and the establishing networks of professionals specialized in analysis and instrumentation. In addition to serving the faculty, students and staff who conduct cutting-edge research at UNIST, the UCRF also provides services to regional industries, institutes and universities. The UCRF is Materials Characterization Lab., Nano Fabrication Cleanroom, Machine Shop, Environmetal Analysis Center, Optical Biomed Imaging Center, In Vivo Research Center, Radiation Safety Lab, Synchrotron Radiation Center. Furthemore, the UCRF offers the advanced training courses and seminars to help the users learn the skills and analytical methods required for the effective and efficient utilization of this equipment. From this day forward, we will do our best to serve researchers who need our facilities for characterization, analysis and micro/nano fabrication and to continuously procure expensive and state-of-the-art equipment. Thank you.