Introduction of IRB

  • UINST IRB(Institutional Review Board)

    considers moral-scientific feasibility of human subject research. In technology of life science, IRB is independently installed permanent committee for obeying applicable laws and regulations. In addition, IRB secures bioethics, protection of the rights of subjects, and security..

    The function of IRB

    • Review the followings
      • The ethical and scientific validity of research proposal
      • Informed consent form of the subjects
      • Safety of the subjects
      • Privacy policy of the subjects
      • The details about bioethics and safety of institution
    • Supervise the process and result of an ongoing research
    • As follows for bioethics and safety
      • Bioethics education
      • Protection of vulnerable subjects
      • Bioethics guideline for researcher

    Name Affiliation Classification
    Hyug-moo Kwon UNIST Chairperson (Scientist)
    Jeongbeom Kim UNIST Affiliated member
    (Expert secretary/ Scientist)
    Gyouhyung Kyung UNIST Affiliated member(Scientist)
    Youngshin Kwak UNIST Affiliated member(Scientist)
    Taejoo Park UNIST Affiliated member(Scientist)
    Jeongkon Seo UNIST Affiliated member(Scientist)
    Jinyoung Kim UNIST Affiliated member(non-scientist)
    Hyomin Kim UNIST Affiliated member(non-scientist)
    Jaeho Kim Pusan National University
    School of Medicine
    non-Affiliated member(Scientist)
    Byungju Lee University of Ulsan non-Affiliated member(Scientist)