Introduction of IACUC

  • UINST IACUC(Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee )

    considers moral-scientific feasibility of animal experiment. In animal experiment, IACUC is independently installed committee for obeying applicable laws and regulations. In addition, IACUC secures animal welfare and safety.

    The function of IACUC

    • Review for animal experiment protocol
    • Supervise whether the researchers obey 「Animal protection law」 in animal experiment.
    • Monitoring the animal experiment facility as follows
      • Review the ethical and scientific validity of animal experiment
      • Check and evaluate the production, bringing, management, experiment and process after using of laboratory animals
      • Check and evaluate the education and training of admin and staff
      • Check and evaluate the animal welfare and management of animal experiment and facility

    Name Affiliation Classification
    Pann-ghill Suh UNIST Chairperson (Veterinarian)
    Byoungheon Kang UNIST Affiliated member
    Hyug-moo Kwon UNIST Affiliated member
    Jeongbeom Kim UNIST Affiliated member
    Hyungjoon Cho UNIST Affiliated member
    Hyungjoon Cho UNIST Affiliated member
    Kihoon Kim Kyungnam University non-Affiliated member
    (Recommendation of a private institution )
    Byungsam Kim University of Ulsan non-Affiliated member
    Sangki Park Postech non-Affiliated member