Deliberation Guidelines

  • performed all animal experiment on campus

    The definition of animal : The vertebrates that can feel pain with nervous system.

    • Mammal
    • Bird
    • Reptile, amphibian, fish

    The definition of animal experiment : the experiment or scientific procedure using laboratory animals for scientific goals (education, test, research and production of biological products)

  • iacuc 심의절차
  • Documents to be submitted

    1. Initial review

    • UNIST IACUC #1. Request review for animal experiment protocol

    2. Revision review

    • UNIST IACUC #3. Revision application form for animal experiment protocol
    • Revised animal experiment protocol

    3. Renewal application

    • UNIST IACUC #2. Renewal application form for animal experiment protocol
    • Animal experiment protocol

    How to submit

    • You can submit on the Submission board. And then IACUC staff will review.
    • After review, please submit the completed documents. ( The signature of the Principal Investigator must be included in the format.) (Stem cell research center(105)-109)

    IACUC schedule

    Regular deliberation

    • Quarterly(March, June, September, December)


    Yoonjin Lee (IACUC staff)

    • Tel. 052-217-5214
    • Fax. 052-217-5219
    • e_mail : [email protected]
    • Office : Stem cell research center(105)-109