In Vivo Research Center

  • UCRF

    In Vivo Research center(IVRC) which is the facility for laboratory animal studies, is providing environment
    for various In Vivo efficacy analysis as;

    • Strict management for clean breeding
    • A genetically modified mouse systematic conservation techniques, such as disease animal models produced different kinds of experimental animals technical support
    • State-of-the-art equipment support for bio-efficacy analysis such as histopathology analysis, animal behavior analysis, In Vivo imaging analysis

    Space of IVRC is composed of four animal zones and four efficacy analysis lab for the systematic classification and functional management in accordance with the purpose of animals use.

    Animal Zone (5 Zones)
    • Strain Preservation Zone : Maintain strains of experimental animals
    • Small Animal Zone, Small Animal Zone-2 : General experiments, Study of animal disease models
    • Return Animal Zone : Behavior analysis, In vivo imaging analysis
    • Isolation Zone : Housing animals from the other agencies, experiment on animals which are infected by bio safety level-2(BSL-2)
    Efficacy Analysis Lab (4 Labs.)
    • Histopathology Lab. : Gene/protein identification via immunochemical reactions on tissue samples
    • Behavior analysis Lab. : Behavior analysis with animals to research on gene functions or drug effects
    • In vivo Imaging analysis Lab. : Optical and functional image analysis with animals
    • Teaching Lab. : Tissue extraction, Sampling with animal disease models, Learn technical of animal experiments
  • Manage laboratory animals strictly for accuracy & reproducibility of research
    • Housing : Quarantine, and change the cage and keep clean
    • Varieties maintenance : Embryo banking, sperm freezing and IVF(In vitro fertilization)
    • Cleanness : Embryo transfer
    • Keep clean : Manage cleaning supplies & waste, and Disinfect animal zones
    • Manage housing equipment : IVC Rack, Autoclave, and Rack & cage washer
    Serve the professional technical support for reliability of research
    • Basic technical support : Dealing, Inj., collect the tissue or blood, toxic-kinetic experiment, and general toxicity
    • Equipment service : Histopathology, behavior analysis, In Vivo imaging, cell culture, and core-facilities
    • Design disease models : Tumor, Adipogenesis, chronic stress, kidney closure(UUO), Lung inflammation, and DM (Type I)
    Serve as the administrative support to use IVRC smoothly
    • Training course : User training, On-site training, Basic experimental training
    • Manage IVRC : import/export animals, purchase animals and access to IVRC use space or equipment in IVRC
    • Account : fee of housing, technical service, place, and equipment
    • Conservation
      Of transgenic
    • In Vivo imaging
    • Histopathology/
      Behavior analysis
    • Toxicity test &
      drug screening

    In Vivo Research Center supports below for researchers ;

    • Modeling of the various animal disease models
      • Study the cause and treatment of the disease
      • Study the function of specific genes and therapy
    • Conservation of transgenic mice
      • Systematic banking & maintenance to preserve various transgenic mice
      • Development transgenic mice which express disease-related genes
    • In Vivo efficacy verification
      : Apply to develop bio-fusion technology in experimental animals
      • In Vivo imaging
      • Histopathology & behavior analysis
      • toxicity test & Drug screening