UNIST Nano Fabrication Center

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    Thank you for visiting UNIST Nano Fabrication Cleanroom (UNFC).

    UNFC aims to develop various kinds of nano-scale devices including high performance sensor, display, and microfluidic devices. By doing so, we expect to gain original technology which is fused from fundamental studies and others.

    With UNIST establishment in year 2009, University (college) based Clean room facility was built including 50 differed novel research equipment. Outstanding researchers and novel equipment will help UNFC to become one of the best research facilities among south east area and contribute to industry-academic cooperation.

    We hope continuous involvement and interest. Please contact us for any inquiries regarding micro device fabrication and design. We are welcome to receive any advices which will advance our nano-device process.


    • UNFC was established to support various nano-fabrication related research areas such as Semiconductor, MEMS, Bio, LED, Solar Cell, Lab-on-a-chip and Packaging.
    • UNFC aims at supporting research activities of professors and researchers in UNIST, which are intended to develop new ground-breaking nanotechnologies, with high-quality facilities and fabrication processes.
    • UNFC supports other universities and industrial companies that are not equipped with the cleanroom facilities comparable to UNFC by helping them perform cleanroom processes for their researches with related trainings provided.


    • Equipmentmanagement
      • Photolithography
      • Etch process
      • Thin Film
      • Measurement
    • Researchsupport
      • Process design
      • Process management
    • Trainingsupport
      • Process training
      • Equipment managing & operation training
    • Safetysupervising
      • Safety education
      • Equipment safety
      • Chemical safety
      • High pressure GAS