Guidance after On-site Training (2): How to reserve facilities in each zone

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2023.11.15 (수)

I am pleased to provide guidance on facility reservations for researchers who have successfully completed on-site training at IVRC.

[How to make a reservation]

  1. Check the room and make a reservation.

There are four sheet in google, please refer to the table below and make a reservation.

– For Cage Management Training and Behavior Analysis Equipment Training, please contact: Hwang Soo-hyun(T.5223, [email protected])


– For inquiries regarding the Anesthesia System and related technical training and support, please contact: Park Soo-ah (T.5212, [email protected])


  1. How to use rat surgery room in details

1: Checking Reservations and Guide Sign

Before you go in, look at the reservation for Room 2 in the Behavior Analysis Room.

There’s a guide sign on the rat surgery room door. Turn it inside out before you enter and after you’re done. This shows if the room is in use.

2: Entering the rat surgery room

You can go into the rat surgery room after going through the Behavior Analysis Room.

Make sure to follow the reservation for Behavior Analysis Room-2.

This way, you won’t disturb anyone else.

3: Anesthesia System and Gas

The anesthesia system in the rat surgery room uses its own gas.

If all the gas is used up, it takes time to get more.

So, write down when you use it and check how much gas is left.

Look at the scale on the right side. If the gas level is between 15 to 20 or less, please tell us. we need to order more.

4: Turning Off the Lights

Remember to turn off the lights when you’re done with your experiment.

The rat surgery room’s lights needto be turned off manually.

If you don’t turn off the lights, it can affect other experiments in the Behavior Analysis Lab-2.