NOTICE(Retrun animal zone in IVRC)

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2017.01.10 (화)

Dear. all users of In Vivo Research Center

IVRC would like to announce a notice regarding the disinfection of Return animal zone.

1. Disinfection work schedule: From January 31th to February 28th (one month in February)

2. Area : All rooms in Return animal zone.

3. What do researchers need to do?

1) Please remove all animals that have finished the experiment before the New Year holidays.

2) All items and equipment in the surgery room should be disinfected and taken out. (Scheduled for the first week of February)

– If you want to take out personal equipment or goods in advance, please let me know and I will disinfect them.

– Personal items (such as syringes) will be kept in the washing room for a week after disinfection (in a drawer). After that, I will remove all items that have not been requested to bring in animal zone.(There will be request form on the drawer)

3) Since Return animal zone is closed, it is prohibited to use image analysis equipment with animals. Therefore, please schedule the experiment properly.

4. Contact : Soohyun,Hwang([email protected] , T.5224)

Thank you.