XRD Request Protocol

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2015.06.12 (금)

1. Fisrt, please download the HPXRD request form and fill in.
– You can find HPXRD request form at Notice in UCRF homepage.
– The more you tell the information, The better your results are.

2. With your samples and a request, visit the staff.
– If there are many samples, please put them in zip-lock bag.
– If it is your first visit, do not put them on staff’s desk without explaining.
You should meet the staff face to face at first request.
– If you are not in unist, you do not need to see me.
When your samples arrived to the staff, then reservation will be done.
– And then staff will reserve the date and time for client and tell it to you.
– After the date, you should check your e-mail.
If you don’t get the results you should remind staff immediately.
– When you get it and feel it’s not good or enough, you should discuss with
the staff and re-schedule the measurement.