Multimode V_AFM | 원자현미경

보유장비 관련 정보
Model MultiMode V
Maker Veeco
Technician Dong-ju Lim
Contact 052-217-4032 /
Status for Reservation 가능
Reservation Unit 0.5hr Maximum Time (per day) 2hr
Open(~ago) 5일전 Cancel (~ago) 2시간전
Address 울산광역시 울주군 언양읍 유니스트길 50, 102동 201-4
  • Description

    AFM or SPM is a branch of microscopy that forms images of surfaces using a physical probe that scans the specimen. An image of the surface is obtained by mechanically moving the probe in a raster scan of the specimen line by line and recording the probe-surface interaction as a function of position.

  • Specifications

    • Resolution

    - Noise level RMS :

  • Applications

    • Surface morphology

    • Conductive AFM

    • Nano indentor