Ion milling system | 공조첨이온밀링

보유장비 관련 정보
Model IM4000
Maker Hitachi High-Technologies
Technician Gyeong Ae Lee
Contact 052-217-4163 / [email protected]
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Reservation Unit 0.5hr Maximum Time (per day) 6hr
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  • Description

    The new Hitachi IM4000 Ar ion cross section and sample surface polisher makes two milling configurations available in a single instrument.

    • Milling: 80,000 won/ea

  • Specifications

    • Type : penning type or saddle field type Ar gun

    • Discharge voltage : 0 to 1.5 kV or wider

    • Discharge current : 0 to 560μA or wider

    • Accelerating voltage : 0 to 6 kV or wider

    • Ion beam diameter : Max. 500μm or better

    • Milling rate : cross-section - 300μm/hr (sample Si, 6 kV) or better

    • Ar gas flow control : high accuracy mass flow control

  • Applications

    • High-quality sectioning (paper, polymers, powders)

    • TEM sample prep.