Inverted Fluorescence Microscopy | 역상형광현미경

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Model IX71
Technician Jin-Hoe Hur
Contact 052-217-4161 / [email protected]
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  • Description

    Inverted research microscope is designed to accommodate a wide range of advanced research techniques. The IX71's modular frame and optical design provides 9 access ports for multiple input or output devices. Up to four ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image. The IX71 system can easily accommodate multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence techniques.

  • Specifications

    • Objectives : 4 x, 10 x (PHC), 20 x (PH1), 40 x (PH2)

    • Fluorescence light source : 100 W Hg Apo

    • Observation : BF, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast

  • Applications

    • FRET efficiency

    • Live cell imaging (phase contrast)

    • Fluorescence imaging (blue, green, red)