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보유장비 관련 정보
Model 7890A/u-ECD
Maker Agilent
Technician Jin Ye
Contact 052-217-4020 / [email protected]
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Reservation Unit 1시간 Maximum Time (per day) 8시간
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Equipment location 102동 B103-6호 (Bldg.102, Room B103-6)
  • Description

    Chromatograph is a method separating complex compounds with components. Target compound to separate is distributed to both stationary phase and mobile phase, so it makes separation of the difference between the two. This case of using gas to mobile phase is called Gas chromatograph. It has a little restraint that compound is volatility and thermal safety, but it is widely used for its high resolution and its prompt and simple operation.

  • Specifications

    • Column oven

    • 35 ~ 450 °C with typical oven cool-down

    • Micro-electron capture detector

    • max. temperature range : 400 °C

    • radioactive source : 15 mCi, Ni-63 foil

    • min. detectable : < 0.006 pg/sec lindane

    • accuracy : 3 mL/min

    • repeatability : 0.35 %

  • Applications

    • Analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides and halogen compounds.