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Model Truspec Micro
Maker Leco
Technician Eun-jung Han
Contact 052-217-2640 / [email protected]
Status for Reservation 가능
Reservation Unit 1hr Maximum Time (per day) 12hr
Open(~ago) 5일전 Cancel (~ago) 2시간전
Equipment location 102동 B111호(Bldg.102, Room B111)
  • Description

    Element analyzer determinates the percentage eights of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen of a sample. This information is important to help determine the structure of an unknown compound, as well as to help prove the structure and purity of a synthesized compound. It is based on the dynamic flash combustion of the sample followed by reduction, trapping, complete GC Separation and detection of the products by thermal conductivity detector.

  • Specifications

    • Measuring elements : C, H, N, S

    • Measuring range : 0.01 % ~ 100 %

    • Sample size : 0.01 ~ 2 mg

    • Accuracy : 0.1 ~ 0.3 % absolute

    • Detector : TCD, IR cell

    • Furnace temperature : 1,100 °C

    • Analysis time

    - C, H, N, S : 5 min

  • Applications

    • Qualitative analysis of organic and inorganic compounds

    • Qualitative analysis of environmental samples

    • Qualitative analysis of geological samples

    • Identification of empirical formula for organic compounds