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Model EMXplus
Maker Bruker
Technician Yeong Bi Kang
Contact 052-217-4168 / [email protected]
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Reservation Unit 30min Maximum Time (per day) 4hr
Open(~ago) 5일전 Cancel (~ago) 2시간전
Equipment location Bldg.108, Room B104
  • Description

    ESR 분광법은 외톨이 전자를 가지고 있는 시료로부터 ESR 신호를 측정하여 외톨이 전자의 존재 여부를 파악하고 얻어진 스펙트럼을 분석하여 electron zeeman interaction과 hyperfine interaction의 세기를 정량적으로 측정하는 것이다. 자유 라디칼 및 전이금속 이온은 고체, 액체, 기체, 세포 및 생체 내에서 식별 및 정량화될 수 있다.

    ESR spectroscopy is to measure ESR signals from samples with unpaired electrons to determine the presence of unpaired electrons and analyze the obtained spectra to quantitatively measure the intensity of electron zeeman interaction and hyperfine interaction.
    Free radicals and transition metal ions can be identified and quantified in solids, liquids, gases, cells, and in vivo.

  • Specifications

    • Magnet System : magnetic field strength 13.0 kG, solid state power supply with 12kW

    • Microwave Bridge : maximum source output 200 mW, Frequency range 9.3 ~9.9 GHz, AFC stability 10-8, microwave power attenuation 60dB

    • High sensitivity resonator, sensitivity : Weak pitch signal/noise 1200:1

    - X-band EPR spectrometer (Weak pitch signal-to-noise ratio 2000:1)

    - Measurement range of 300 K down to 3.8 K

  • Applications

    • Chemistry(Kinetics, Redox chemistry, Free radical mechanisms, Reaction intermediates, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, ...)

    • Physics(Semi conductors, Magnetic properties, Superconductivity, Quantum computing, ...)

    • Life Sciences(Structural biology, Aging, Cell damage and death, Oxidative stress and inflammation, Proteins and enzymes, DNA and RNA, ROS and RNS, Spin labeling, Spin trapping, ...)

    • Industrial Research(Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Agricultural, Food and beverages, Health and personal care, Product stability and shelf-life, Forced degradation, Antioxidant capacity, Impurity profiling and control, ...)

    • Material Research(Polymers, Solar cells, Batteries, Nanostructures, Defects and impurities, Archaeology, Geology, ...)