보유장비 관련 정보
Model AccuTOF 4G+ DART
Maker JEOL
Technician Hyun-Kyung Seo
Contact 052-217-4183 /
Status for Reservation 가능
Reservation Unit 1 Maximum Time (per day) 8
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Equipment location 102동 B103-5호 (Bldg.102, Room.B103-5)
  • Description

    DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) is a new ion source that can analyze samples with various states and shapes without any sample preparation.
    You can acquire high mass-resolution, accurate-mass spectra in real time by simply presenting samples of various shapes and states to the DART ion source without any sample preparation.

  • Specifications

    • Ion source : ESI, DART

    • Analysis type: TOF-MS(Time of Fight)

    • Mass range : 6 ~ 10,000 (m/z)

    • Resolution : R≥ 10,000(FWHM)

    • Sensitivity : 10 pg reserpine, S/N is 10 or more

    • Accuracy : 3ppm

  • Applications

    • Identification of molecular weight

    • Materilal analysis solutions

    • DART Application: Direct analysis of stains on cloth caused by cosmetic