Confocal Raman | 공초점 라만 분광기

보유장비 관련 정보
Model alpha300R
Maker WITec
Technician Yeong Bi Kang
Contact 052-217-4168 /
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Reservation Unit 0.5hr Maximum Time (per day) 3hr
Open(~ago) 5days Cancel (~ago) 2hr
  • Description

    Raman information present to characterization of the molecular structure by scattered radiation of different wavelengths. The energy change (either lost or gained) of Raman depends on the symmetry of the molecule.

  • Specifications

    • Laser wavelength : 532 nm

    • Lens magnification : 50 x, 10 x

    • Confocal raman (single, line, and image scan)

    • Heating cryostat temperature range : ~ 250 °C

    • Freezing cryostat temperature range : 77 ~ 300 K

  • Applications

    • Measurement of raman image & single spectrum with temperature variation