Automatic Gamma counter | 자동 감마선 계수기

보유장비 관련 정보
Model Wizard2-2470
Maker PerkinElmer
Technician Hye-jin Lee
Contact 052-217-2504 / [email protected]
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Reservation Unit 1시간 Maximum Time (per day) 8시간
Open(~ago) 3일 Cancel (~ago) 1시간
  • Description

    WIZARD is designed for superior counting performance with all types of samples and for every gamma counting applications.

  • Specifications

    • Radio library : 45 type

    • Energy range : 15 ~ 1000 keV

    • Max. count rate : 6 million DPM for 125

  • Applications

    • RIA using 125I

    • Chromium release with 51Cr- (cell cytotoxity)

    • Receptor binding with 51Cr

    • Vitamin B12 deficiency with 57Co and 58Co (Dicopac test)

    • Monitoring of blood samples in Positron Emission Tomography

    • Hemoglobin testing with 59Fe

    • Environmental samples with 137Cs