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보유장비 관련 정보
Model J200
Maker Applied Spectra
Technician Son Hee-sik
Contact 052-217-4068 / [email protected]
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Reservation Unit 0.5 Maximum Time (per day) 24
Open(~ago) Cancel (~ago) 3
Equipment location 102동 B103-5호 (Bldg.102, Room B103-5)
  • Description

    Trace and major element determinations and isotope ratio analysis in solid materials using a high
    power Nd:YAG laser produces nano size particle. It can be transferred to particle to ICP-MS directly with pulse at 266 nm. The Auto sample height adjustment 3D (X-Y-Z) stage is synchronized with the laser depth profiling in the direction of the z-axis can be automated and sampling protocol patterns.

  • Specifications

    1. Laser Source and Optics

    - The laser source shall be a solid - state Nd-YAG laser

    - Maximum energy : 100 mJ at 1064 nm or more

    2. Stage and Stage control

    - Computer controlled, stepper motor driven X-Y-X stage control

    - X, Y stage with 100 mm x 100 mm travel (0.25 micron resolution) or equivalent

    - Z stage with 26mm travel (0.1 micron resolution) or equivalent

    - Auto height adjustment

    3. Imaging Optics

    - A 1.3 M CMOS color camera & LED Flood lighting or equivalent

    - A 5M CMOS color camera

    4) Sample Chamber and gas Manifold.

    (1) A single volume sample chamber

    (2) A 100mm x 100mm purge gas(Ar, He) sample chamber

  • Applications