Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information

UNIST the following personal information to file and handle complaints.

1. Collected Items and Purpose of Collection

Required or Optional Required
Purpose of Collection and Usage Identification, handling a complaint
Prevention of reckless posting
Use as statistical data
Item Name,
Email Address

2. Method of Collecting Personal Information: user-inputted information

3. Retention and Usage Period
Personal information collected through ‘Contact Us’ will be used for inquiry analysis and statistical data regarding recruitment, and it will be archived for up to 3 years and destroyed immediately when the retention period has expired. When a user requests the destruction of personal information, the operator disposes of the personal information without delay and notifies the result.

4. Disposal Method
- Information in electronic form will be destroyed using technical tools to make sure that such information will not be reproduced.

5. Rights of the Users and Method to Exercising
You have the right to refuse to provide the personal information below. The information provided through 'Contact Us' is essential for handling your inquiry and we cannot give you an appropriate answer if you refuse to provide it.

- I give my written consent for all personal information to be processed for the purposes described in this notice and understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.