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In Vivo Research CenterTraining class to use video-tracking system uprade version

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비디오 트래킹 시스템 업그레이드 버전 프로그램 교육(Training class to use video-tracking system upgrade version)

1. 장소(Place): 재반입구역 행동분석실 1번방(#B45, Behavior test room 1 in Return animal zone)

2. 일시(Date): 2019년 2월 20일, 시간은 추후 개별 통보 (20th, Feb, 2019 Time : Futher notice)

3. 장비(Equipment)

Video-tracking system upgrade version (Smart 3.0)

4. 관련 링크 :

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
mandatory Video-tracking #B45, Return animal zone 10 5