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In Vivo Research CenterOnline User training of IVRC (Jun. 2020)

Apply for IVRC’s online user training, in this page. The schedule is as follows.
Every new researchers and those who have the expired term(within two years from the last completion) researchers should take this course. Please check your IVRC education completion number, attached file.

Please check all deadline and period each step.
Online training(blackboard), access permissions application, and on-site training must be performed for IVRC access.

1. How to training apply : Check attached file 1
2. How to enter blackboard : Check the attached file 2.
3. After User-training : attached file 3
* New researcher, change access animal zone researcher : On-site training & Access Permissions Application apply
* Expired researcher : Access Permissions Application apply only
4. Note
* Internet Explorer is NOT support blackboard. Please use browsers as Chrome.
* After training period, your completion number will be informed by e-mail.
* Online training PASS Standard : Video 100point(over 80% of total time) +Quiz 80point(3 chance)
* Training schedule not change(Exception the NEW  employment).
5. Admin : YUN JI CHOI(T.5211/

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
mandatory IVRC-user training course Blackboard(on-line) 100 11