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In Vivo Research CenterOn-site training of IVRC (Sept. 2020)

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IVRC (In Vivo Research Center) On-site training will be proceed as below.

1. Application Deadline : Sept. 16th-18th
2. How to do : Choose training date in this page and then submit IVRC Access Permissions Application(Check Attached file).
3. Note
1) No automatically renew without Access Permissions Application.
– On-site training & Access Permissions Application : New researchers, change access zone(existing researcher)
– Access Permissions Application only : those who have the expired term(within two years from the last completion)

2) Only those who have completed IVRC User Training course and IACUC education can apply.
3) Please bring your ID card and come #109 office of Stem Cell Research Building on your training day.
4) 105 bldg, IVRC basement main door access are controlled by UNIST. Please contact DONGMIN YANG(T.4037/, 105 bldg access manager.
5) Isolation zone is individual lesson. Please contact the manager of isolation zone to make an appointment.

Admin : Yunji Choi (T.5211/

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
Small animal zone- 22nd 10 a.m.~ 100 1
Small animal zone- 23rd 10 a.m.~ 100 1
Return animal zone- 22nd 10 a.m.~ 100 1
Return animal zone- 23rd 10 a.m.~ 100 1
Return animal zone- 24th 10 a.m.~ 100 2
Small animal zone 2 - 22nd 10 a.m.~ 100 0
Small animal zone 2 - 23rd 10 a.m.~ 100 0
Isolation animal zone Contact the isolation zone manager 100 1