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In Vivo Research CenterIVRC access training (Oct. 2022)

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1. How to apply
* New researcher (apply for the first time): Choose the On-site training date ONLY
* Existing entrant of the animal zone (for renewing): Choose the Online training ONLY

2. How to enter blackboard: Click  2.이용자교육-접속방법How-to-Enter-BlackBoard-22 

3. Note 
   1) Online training PASS Standard: Total 180 points over (Video 100 points +Quiz 80 pois)
   2) An email is sent to the researcher who has completed training on the Monday following the completion of training.
   3) On-site training can apply to multiple zones per day.
   4) For those who isolation zone or only enter the imaging room contact the manager to make an appointment.
   5) The access control for the animal zone and the Bldg 105 are separate. Access of Bldg 105: Ext.1535
   6) Training schedule, not change (Exception the NEW employment).
   7) Internet Explorer is not supported by blackboard. Please use Chrome.
   8) Access authorization date: Batch is sent on the last day of on-site training (existing and new entrants)
   9) New researchers should not choose online training. I will add to online training in case you apply for on-site training. Existing entrants do not necessary on-site training if you maintain the existing entrance animal zone.

Admin: YunJi CHOI(T.5211/[email protected])

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
Online training who have previously entered animal zone Blackboard 100 4
On-site: Small animal zone [12th] 12th, 10 a.m.~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 0
On-site: Return animal zone [12th] 12th, 1:30 P.M. ~ #109 office of 105 Bldg. 5 0
On-site: Small animal zone [13th] 13th, 10 A.M. ~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 0
On-site: Return animal zone [13th] 13th, 1:30 P.M. ~ #109 office of 105 Bldg. 5 1
On-site: Isolation animal zone Contact, Sooah Park(T.5212/[email protected]) 5 2
On-site: Imaging analysis room only Contact, Sooah Park(T.5212/[email protected]) 5 0