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In Vivo Research CenterIVRC access training (June. 2024)

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2024, 생체효능검증실 출입교육 일정 IVRC access training schedule

Please click the link(title) above.

1. How to apply
– New researchers are chosen On-site &Safety training dates below. Automatically
enrolled in online training when applying.
– Existing entrants don’t have any training if maintained zone. However, you need to
apply for on-site training to add a new zone.

2. Note
1) To enter the animal zone for the first time: Online user training + On-site training
2) Online training is conducted on Blackboard. Please use Chrome.
3) On-site training can apply to multiple zones per day.
4) The Bldg 105 including animal zone access is not controlled by IVRC. Access of
Bldg 105: Ext.1535
5) Online training schedule, not changed (Exception for the NEW employment).
On-site training may be changed in some cases.
6) Online training PASS Standard: Total 180 points over (Video 100p +Quiz 80p over)
7)Access is granted on the following Monday after all on-site training has been

Online training admin: YunJi Choi (Ext. 5211,

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
On-site: Small animal zone (11th) 6/11, 10:00 ~ Bldg.105-Room 109 5 1
On-site: Return animal zone+Imaging room 3 (11th) 6/11, 13:30 ~ Bldg.105-Room 109 5 3
On-site: Small animal zone (12th) 6/12, 10:00 ~ Bldg.105-Room 109 5 0
On-site: Return animal zone+Imaging room 3 (12th) 6/12, 13:30 ~ Bldg.105-Room 109 5 0
On-site: Isolation animal zone Contact, Yoon Jin Lee (T.5214/ 5 0