Total Internal Reflection Microscopy | 전반사현미경

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Model Cell^TIRF
Technician Jin-Hoe Hur
Contact 052-217-4161 / [email protected]
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  • Description

    The TIRF illuminator offers four motorized channels for simultaneous image capture. Intuitive software control of TIRF parameters allows instant setting and confirmation of TIRF angle and seamless transition back and forth to widefield fluorescence. With the TIRF illuminator, each laser wavelength is optimally focused and each angle is individually set, allowing different wavelengths to have the same penetration depth.

  • Specifications

    • Olympus motorized Inverted Microscope IX81

    • Objectives : 0 x, 20 x, 40 x, 60 x (oil), 100 x (oil)

    • Transmitted light source : 100 W halogen

    • Fluorescence light source : 150 W Xe

    • Observation : BF, DIC, fluorescence, TIRF

    • Laser : 405, 491, 561 nm

  • Applications

    • Single molecule and membrane research

    • Exocytosis, endocytosis

    • Dynamic imaging