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Model Designjet Z2100 44in Photo
Maker HP
Technician Kang-uk Kwon
Contact 052-217-4066 / [email protected]
Status for Reservation 가능
Reservation Unit 30분 Maximum Time (per day) 8시간
Open(~ago) 1주일 Cancel (~ago) 3시간
Equipment location 107동 102호 (Bldg. 107, Room 102)
  • Description

    This equipment is used in the figure and outputs the post.

  • Specifications

    • The maximum output width: 1066.8mm

    - ram: 32GB

    - output Noise: 53dB (the output), 38dB (Standby)

    - resolution: Up to 2400 * 1200

  • Applications

    • Image output