Metal RIE | 메탈 건식 식각장치

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Model Labstar
Maker TTL
Technician Kang O Kim
Contact 052-217-4182 /
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  • Description

    Metal RIE is an ion etching system for metal (Al, Ti, Cr, W, and Au) pattern formation.

  • Specifications

    • Reactor (process chamber) module

    - 200 mm electrode with water cooled by heat exchanger

    - 4 ~6 inch silicon wafer

    • MFCs with bypass lines (BCl3 / Cl2 / Ar / O2 / SF6) installed

    • RF generator & auto match network

    : 600 W, 13.56 MHz solid state

    • RF generator with automatic match unit for bias (RIE) power

  • Applications

    • Dry etching process for metal layer (Au, Al, Pt, W, Ti, and Cr)