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Model 7890A/5975C
Maker Agilent
Technician Yun Se Lee
Contact 052-217-4021 / [email protected]
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Equipment location 102동 B103-6호 (Bldg.102, Room B103-6)
  • Description

    GC/MSD makes an effective combination for chemical analysis. Mixtures of volatile substances are separated by gas chromatograph. Via a transfer line, the fractions of each peak are transferred into the ion
    source where the ionization takes place. After acceleration, the ions pass through a magnetic-field which causes deviation of their linear flight curve according to their respective mass. After this magnetic field the detector counts the ions.

  • Specifications

    • Ionization mode

    • electron ionization

    • positive / negative chemical ionization

    • Mass range : 1.6 ~ 1,050 amu

    • Mass scan speed : max. 12,500 amu/sec

    • Detector : triple-axis HED-electron multiplier

    • Vacuum pumping system : 262 L/sec

    • Library : wiley 8th with NIST 2008 MS library

  • Applications

    • Analysis of organic compound structure

    • Identification of molecular weight

    • Identification of impurities and byproduct