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보유장비 관련 정보
Model Phoenix 300
Maker SEO
Technician Goh Myeong Bae
Contact 052-217-4189 /
Status for Reservation 가능
Reservation Unit 30min Maximum Time (per day) 1hr
Open(~ago) 2주전 Cancel (~ago) 2hr
Equipment location 108동 B104호(Bldg.108, Room B104)
  • Description

    The contact angle is the angle between the tangent to the drop’s profile and the tangent to the surface at the intersection of vapor, liquid and solid.

  • Specifications

    • Static / dynamic contact angles

    • Advancing and receding contact angle by captive method

    • Sequence image captures by time basis & dynamic movies

    • Sessile drop/ pendent drop, surface tension

    • Real time contact angles, display

  • Applications

    • Semiconductor applications

    • Evaluation of cleanliness / treatment / coating processing

    • Hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity of solid surfaces

    • Adsorption / wettability of powder and pharmacy