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Model sPro60 SLS Center
Maker 3D Systems
Technician Jin-Sik Kim
Contact 052-217-4170 / [email protected]
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Equipment location 107동 110호 (Bldg.107, Room.110)
  • Description

    With an input 3D CAD data into SLS machine, machine makes slice date automatically and CO2 laser scans the surface of deposited nylon powder. The powder scanned by laser sintered / solidified and the powder that is not scanned remains the statue of powder. If the machine works correctly as the description above, it is able to build 3D physical models coresponding to 3D CAD data.

  • Specifications

    • Technology : selective laser sintering process

    • Laser & Scanning : 30 watt CO2 Laser

    • Scan speed : 5 m/sec

    • Minimum layer thickness : 0.08 mm

    • Build envelope : 330 x 381 x 457 mm (X, Y, Z)

    • Powder layout : precision counter rotating roller

    • Input data file format : STL

    • Smart feed calculations outside of preview

    • Caculates scale and offset factors

    • STL add & delete on the fly software

  • Applications

    • Design prototype

    • Functional prototype

    • Rapid manufacturing part

    • Metal part

    • Q.D.M

    • Master precision casting