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In Vivo Research CenterOnline-User training of IVRC (Jul. 2021)

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Please check all deadline and period each step.
Online training(blackboard) and on-site training must be performed for IVRC access.

1. How to apply : Click ‘Apply’ in this page
2. How to enter blackboard : Check the attached file
3. Note
* NO need to complete the IACUC Education (BICstudy, CITIprogram) to enter the animal zone.
* Online access permission application abolish.
* Training schedule not change(Exception the NEW  employment).
* Internet Explorer is NOT support blackboard. Please use browsers as Chrome.
* Online training PASS Standard : Video 100point(over 80% of total time) +Quiz 80point(3 chance)

Admin : YUN JI CHOI(T.5211/

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
mandatory 100 7