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In Vivo Research CenterOnline-User training of IVRC (Jan. 2022)

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1-4 steps must be performed for IVRC access, please check the deadline and period for each step.

1. How to apply: Click ‘Apply’ on this page
2. How to enter blackboard: Check the attached file
3. Note
NO need to complete the IACUC education(BICstudy, CITIprogram) for entering the animal zone.
*  Existing entrants not necessarily onsite training if you maintain the existing entrance animal zone, and access right is updated during the onsite training period.
* Online access permission application abolish.
* Training schedule, not change(Exception the NEW employment).
* Internet Explorer is NOT supported by blackboard. Please use Chrome.

Admin: YunJi CHOI(T.5211/[email protected])

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
mandatory On-line training (blackboard) 100 9