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In Vivo Research CenterIVRC On site & Safety training (Jan. 2022)

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IVRC (In Vivo Research Center) On-site training will proceed as below.

1. Application Deadline: 1.12-14
2. How to do: Choose the training date on this page.
3. What to bring: Attached file
4. Where to come: Place of selected day
5. Note

 NO need to complete the IACUC Education (BICstudy, CITIprogram) to enter the animal zone.
  * To enter the IVRC zone, fill out the attached file and it MUST have an APPROVAL from a person in charge (dean) and then submit it to the IVRC manager.
  *  Online training PASS Standard: Total 180 points over (Video 100points, automatically reflected +Quiz 80points)
  *  105 Bldg and IVRC basement main door access is controlled by UNIST. Please contact 105Bldg Security (T.1535).
  *  Isolation zone is an individual lesson. Please contact the manager of the isolation zone to make an appointment.

Admin: YunJi CHOI(T.5211/[email protected])

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
Small animal zone- 18th 10 a.m.~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 2
Small animal zone- 19th 10 a.m.~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 0
Return animal zone- 18th 1:30 P.M. ~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 1
Return animal zone- 19th 1:30 P.M. ~ #101 office of 105 Bldg. 5 0
Isolation animal zone Contact, Sooah Park(T.5212/[email protected]) 5 0