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Materials Characterization LabHPXRD Self-user training(August, 2022)

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HPXRD 자율사용자 교육을 아래와 같이 진행합니다.

HPXRD는 Right Measurement ( Multi sample 분석가능) 와 Left Measurement (Only one sample 가능)이 있습니다.

– Training (8/9)

– Test (8/16)

테스트용 샘플 & 장비 메뉴얼 종이 준비해서 오세요 ! 시료가 없어도 괜찮습니다.

*바로 test 가능한 분들은 담당자에게 연락하셔서 따로 일정 잡아서 보시면 됩니다. (개인 청구함.)

You can apply to HPXRD Self-user training and test.

HPXRD has the Right Measurement (Auto measurement) and Left Measurement (Only one sample measurement).

Recently, the Right Measurement has been out of order. So this training will go on the Left Measurement.

Schedules are listed below.

– Training (8/9)

– Test (8/16)

After training time, you will test at next week.

+Please read introduction & manual file of HPXRD before you come here.

*Please bring your testing sample & manual paper !

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
1차 9:30 AM~10:30AM Bld.102 Room B101-2 4 3
2차 10:40AM~11:40 AM Bld.102 Room B101-2 4 3
3차 (Foreigner Only) 13:30 PM~ 14:30 PM Bld.102 Room B101-2 4 0
4차 14:40 PM~ 15:40 PM Bld.102 Room B101-2 4 4
5차 15:50 PM ~ 16:50 PM Bld.102 Room B101-2 4 1