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Materials Characterization LabHPXRD self-user training (Sep, 2020) 9/29, 10/6

보유장비 관련 정보
Place Bldg.102, B101-2 Lecturer
Affiliation Host/Contact / 052-217-4023
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HPXRD can be measured from 0.8 degree to 120 degree.

Schedules are listed below.

– Training (9/29), Test (10/6): 1hr per person.

*Please bring your testing sample & read manual paper carefully !

(테스트용 샘플-분말 또는 박막- & 메뉴얼 파일 꼭 숙지해서 오세요!)

*바로 test 가능한 분들은 따로 일정 잡아서 시험보시면 됩니다. (1시간 개인 청구함.)

Course Title Time Place Limit Applicant
10AM HPXRD 10AM Bldg.102, B101-2 2 2
11AM HPXRD 11AM Bldg.102, B101-2 2 2
2PM HPXRD(Only foreigner) 2PM Bldg.102, B101-2 2 1
3PM HPXRD 3PM Bldg.102, B101-2 2 2